Major City Accomplishments 2020

Major City Accomplishments 2020





  1. Maintained lowest millage of Full Service Cities in Pinellas County over 20,000 population

(St. Petersburg 6.755; Clearwater 5.955; Largo 5.62; Pinellas Park 5.49; Tarpon Springs 5.37)

  1. Balanced Budget with no use of reserves for FY 2021
  2. External Audit – no audit comments
  3. Internal Audit – Payroll and timekeeping audit in progress
  4. Distinguished Budget Presentation Award – 21 consecutive years
  5. Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting – 29 consecutive years
  6. Submitting for reimbursement for Hurricane Sally mutual aid in the amount of $13,211 for Fire employees that assisted in Panhandle
  7. City received $720,000 for sale of Perpetual Exclusive Easement for Cell Tower
  8. During COVID 19 Pandemic, City maintained services, did not layoff or furlough employees, and experienced a loss in sales tax revenues. Departments held the line on expenditures and through these efforts the City experienced a minimal effect on General Fund – Fund Balance of approximately 2%
  9. Small Business Endurance Grant of $155,000 ($1,000 each) for small businesses affected by COVID 19 in Tarpon Springs (see also in business assistance section)
  10. Pursuing funding reimbursement for costs related to COVID 19, approximately $377,000
  11. To assist Utility customers during COVID 19 the City did not assess penalties and did not shut off accounts, approximate revenue loss to City $100,000
  12. Savings on Health and Dental Insurance, reduction of 2% and 15.8% respectively.
  13. Police and Fire City Pension contributions, budgeted lump sum payment on 10/1/20, savings of approximately $75,000 annually versus paying weekly during year.
  14. Procurement Services is now accepting electronic bid submittals
  15. Procurement Services has issued 41 formal solicitations since October 1, 2019. Slight decrease due to Covid-19.
  16. Purchasing Card Program generated rebate of $ 51,000 for FY 2020
  17. Surplus property sold through generated $ 1,012 was down from previous year due to Covid-19 restrictions and inability to provide on-site inspection of items
  18. Surplus vehicles & equipment sold through Tampa Machinery Auction generated $ 87,856.
  19. Procurement Services staff is now 100% professionally certified.
  20. Police, Fire, Library and General Government Impact Fee Study completed with a combined reduction in fees of 35%
  21. Review of Marina fee structure coinciding with the reopening of the Marina so that fees now cover operating expenses
  22. Electricity Franchise Agreement with Duke Energy renewed providing for an increase in revenues to the City of $120,000 annually



  1. Continuing to bring new users on-line in the reclaimed water expansion area of Grassy Point and Westwinds neighborhoods.
  2. Solar Project for RO Plant completed and producing between 9.5% and 25% of Water Supply power needs during hours of maximum sunlight
  3. The RO Water facility and operation staff were featured in the August 2020 issue of Treatment Plant Operator Magazine concerning the successful construction and operation of the facility
  4. RO Water Facility completed a generator distribution upgrade that allows full operation of all equipment on the RO site while under emergency generator power.
  5. Installation of new sanitary sewer on Bayshore Drive (in-house project)
  6. Completion of detailed inspection process for all fire hydrants
  7. Initiated a water conservation program
  8. Rehabilitation of Tarpon Avenue water supply well (in-house project)
  9. Rehabilitation of the Riverside Drive lift station
  10. Continuation of water meter update conversion
  11. Seabreeze Drive Sewer Project (final design complete, preparing to advertise for construction bids)
  12. Tidal Flood Protection – N. Spring Boulevard at Craig Park check valve completed
  13. Tidal Flood Protection – Sponge Docks Tideflex installation – One of three valves to be replaced due to faulty equipment. Currently negotiating with contractor.
  14. Public Works area drainage improvements completed
  15. Anclote Watershed Management Plan in final stage with completion expected in January 2021
  16. SWFWMD Cooperative Funding Initiative Grosse Avenue corridor drainage improvement project ($1.3 million), Construction underway with anticipated completion December 2022
  17. SWFWMD Cooperative Funding Initiative Palm Avenue storm-water corridor drainage improvements project construction underway with completion anticipated December 2022
  18. Ring Avenue drainage improvements underway – expected completion summer 2021.
  19. Beckett Bridge Utility Relocation –Design underway, 50% complete. Progress slow due to Pinellas County’s design schedule
  20. New RO Water Facility Staff Building: design 90% complete, construction set for FY 2021
  21. MLK at Lincoln manhole replacement and roadway improvements completed
  22. Division Street water main upgrades completed
  23. Water main adjustment on US 19 required by FDOT design complete, construction early 2021



  1. Mango Street Improvements, Phase 1 (Disston to Azalea) construction contract initiated November 2020
  2. Athens Hope and Grand sidewalk and pedestrian improvements completed
  3. Cedar Street Re-brick and storm-water improvements completed
  4. Installation of decorative street signs (ongoing project)
  5. Installation, Painting and Replacement of Globes/Bulbs for over 100 decorative light poles completed
  6. South Disston / Klosterman Right of Way improvements completed
  7. Bike Rack installations completed
  8. South Spring Blvd sidewalks completed
  9. Gateway Signs – new monument signs on US-19, US-Alt19, and Tarpon Ave approved by BOC and FDOT, Contract awarded to begin construction
  10. Rain gauge and tidal monitor installed at the Marina completed
  11. Spring Bayou impaired waterbody 4E Plan for water quality sampling, increased maintenance and public education (on-going)
  12. Lillian Avenue paving improvements completed.
  13. Public/Private partnership with Grassy Point HOA for signage. Installation completed.
  14. Pinellas Avenue curb extensions and islands, landscape improvements – expected completion summer 2021.
  15. Pinellas Avenue (north of Orange Street) cooperative improvements – anticipated completion summer 2021.
  16. Safford corridor south of Tarpon Avenue landscape improvements – expected completion April 2021
  17. Seawall Master Plan – draft presented to BOC November 2020, further discussion (Work Session) to follow in FY2021
  18. Court Street Improvements – project substantially complete November 2020, roadway now open
  19. South Spring at MLK Intersection Improvements – Survey and geotech data collection started November 2020
  20. South Spring Revetment Project Analysis – survey and geotech data collection started November 2020, options to be discussed at BOC 12/8/2020 meeting
  21. Hope Street Seawall – Design complete, bid advertisement scheduled for January 2021
  22. Lemon and Shaddock Street Brick Street Replacement and Stormwater Upgrades – Design at 35% complete
  23. Tarpon Avenue between Huey and US-19 – Roadway and Safety Improvements – Design at 65% complete
  24. Orange Street Streetscaping Project – Design scope development initiated November 2020
  25. Meres Blvd. Extension (Developer Project) – Roadway to open December 2020
  26. Anclote River Dredge (Federal O&M Project) – Design and permitting complete, construction bids estimated to be advertised February 2021
  27. Anclote River Extended Turning Basin Dredge (City Project) – Design and permitting complete, construction concurrent with Federal O&M Project



  1. Migration to Microsoft Office 365 (in process).
  2. Design, update, migration of data and roll out of new City website. Ongoing updates of content.
  3. New police website – design in progress
  4. IT support for Video Inspections (see also building department).
  5. Design and implementation of City Camera project for Tarpon Ave, Library, Craig Park, Heritage Center, CRA Building, Cultural Center and Waterworks building.
  6. Live webcam at the Sponge Docks.
  7. Live webcam at Spring Bayou.
  8. Implementation of City-wide enterprise technology security awareness training using mock attacks; interactive web based platform; and continuous assessments through simulated phishing.
  9. Upgrade and new design of City television system; and station broadcasting content.
  10. New City-Wide Intranet (in process).
  11. Completed City-Wide wi-fi network accessibility at all City owned buildings.
  12. Firewall upgrade at all City locations (in process)
  13. Implementation of Marina wi-fi for boat slip rental customers.
  14. Upgraded all City VoIP systems and roll out of the ability for City office phones to be used at remote work locations due to Covid.
  15. IVR migration to the Cloud (in process)
  16. Schedule Inspections via text (in process)
  17. Mobile Device Management tracking solution (in process)
  18. In progress of installing new cameras at Cops N Kids building
  19. Body camera and new in-car camera rollout (in process)
  20. Implemented data sharing with “CARFAX for Police”, including custom programming to automatically redact and transmit crash reports on a daily basis to gain access to additional investigative tools provided by CARFAX
  21. Additional upgrades to cameras, door card readers, and intercoms in progress at public safety building
  22. Custom implementation of digital-analog infrastructure for new dais – integrating Dias with existing systems; sound, computers, projection, zoom, in-house city government cable tv station to facilitate participation for all board meetings in city hall auditorium, media room and for virtual applications (zoom).
  23. Design/installation/implementation of Zoom virtual and hybrid meeting system for the City. This system allows for simultaneous in person and remote (zoom) participation for all meeting attendees.
  24. Sponge docks speaker system project – I.T. will be doing the in house project design and implementation. (currently in the planning stages – on going)
  25. MLK virtual parade and celebration production collaboration with Rev. Milton Smith.
  26. Wastewater Manhole Inventory completed through GIS mapping
  27. Granite software upgraded on the camera truck for manhole inspections to integrate with GIS for periodic updates, to facilitate data consolidation, data storage, and asset management.
  28. Leak Complaints dashboard created on GIS Portal to record all water pipe leaks and response.
  29. Stormwater system network created with complete GIS inventory update.
  30. New assets of several new neighborhoods added to GIS inventory.
  31. Created digital map books for fire, stormwater, wastewater, reclaimed water, and potable water for easy access and quick share.
  32. Zoning map for Planning Department was completed and now available on Portal for easy share.
  33. Suitability analysis study performed for Public Arts Committee for new locations to install public art.



  1. Addition of electronic door locks to remote restrooms at Dorsett Park, Craig Park, Tarpon Avenue public restrooms, Marina restrooms completed
  2. Hanging planters for Pinellas Avenue completed
  3. Shell installation on North Anclote River Nature Park trails completed
  4. Annual over-seeding on sports fields completed
  5. Riverside Tennis Courts Upgrades to North Court Lights completed with court upgrades in progress for completion in 2021
  6. Craig Park Seawall repair completed
  7. Craig Park Bandshell concrete installation completed
  8. Sunset Beach improvements: restrooms, drive isle and platform completed.
  9. Sports complex concession stand painting, clean-up and remodel completed
  10. Dorsett Park fencing, landscaping, basketball courts and sandbag location improvements – expected completion March 2021



              CULTURAL CENTER

  1. Exterior trim, interior improvements, window restoration and new portico additions completed
  2. Addition of historic mural underway with estimated completion date of January 2021
  3. Installation of bronze statues, lighting and landscaping outside Cultural Center
  4. Landscaping installation completed



  1. Safford House decking repairs completed



  1. Recreation Center restroom remodel and new shower installation completed
  2. Community Center building improvements, window and roof replacement completed
  3. Recreation Center roof replacement completed
  4. Recreation Center HVAC replacement completed



  1. Library roof replacement and other exterior repairs completed



  1. Heritage Center landscape improvements – expected completion spring 2021



  1. Cycadia Cemetery Expansion Project construction nearing completion. New section will provide approx. 800 new burial spaces and a committal shelter for services.  Space reserved for new mausoleum for future construction phase.



  1. Completed the installation of a new golf course sign at the main entrance that includes Tarpon Springs theme.
  2. Procured a new maintenance contractor and the course is in peak condition.
  3. New Stormwater Pipe for pond drainage – design complete; advertisement for bids in December 2020



  1. City Clerk’s Office Renovation – Architect Design underway. Initial design concept scheduled for presentation to BOC on 12/15/20
  2. Reconfiguration of public waiting area at City Hall along with various aesthetic improvements completed



  1. Yard Waste Scale House relocation design at 90% complete



  1. Train Depot deck replacement and exterior painting completed



  1. Successfully transitioned in-person beach concerts to virtual from April through November
  2. Held virtual arts and craft program throughout summer months
  3. Created summer camp activity kits for the public to pick up and complete
  4. Held the 1st Great Tarpon Springs Scavenger Hunt. Attracted community to visit local businesses in the downtown corridor over a 3 week period searching for pumpkins
  5. Held Drive Thru Trunk or Treat at 3 locations interacting with over 600 families
  6. Created 1st Great Tarpon Springs Reindeer Hunt to run from December 1st – December 20th. Scavenger Hunt will take place along the Sponge Docks utilizing local businesses.
  7. Secured sponsorship for Sunset Beach Concert Series totaling $8,000.
  8. Created virtual Easter Greetings from the Easter Bunny reaching over 150 children
  9. Created giant presents with backdrop for Craig Park Band Shell as photo opportunity for Holiday season
  10. Held successful boat parade with over 50 participants, conducted in conjunction with the tree lighting ceremony at the Sponge Docks
  11. Live streaming of several Christmas events to Facebook to allow the public to view the events from home



  1. Implementation of City-wide cash handling policy and procedures.
  2. Expanded the scope of background checks to include credit checks
  3. Adaptation of employee recruitment, testing, interviewing and on-boarding processes to a virtual medium in response to COVID-19.
  4. Solicitation of RFP and selection of Insurance program consultant by the Procurement Services Department, HR and selection committee
  5. Assistance to the benefits consultant in issuing an RFP for all employee benefits; review of responses and selection of vendors/plans, with overall savings for both the city and employees.
  6. Renewal of contract for Employee Wellness Center in conjunction with benefits consultant.
  7. Development and implementation of an on-line benefits administration platform under the auspices of the benefits consultant; continuing to roll out this program to employees during the upcoming year.
  8. Continued focus on safety training programs for employees and development of a new Employee Safety Manual with roll out to all employees via PowerDMS.
  9. Continued Police and Fire fitness program and enhanced physicals for public safety.
  10. Continued Monthly facility safety inspection for public works compound



  1. Sponsored and hosted Plein Air event for sixth consecutive year
  2. New tourism marketing campaign “Re-Discover Tarpon Springs” launched including digital campaign, television advertising and print ads
  3. TarponArts awarded 2021 State Operations Grant of $15,545
  4. Installation of new Heritage Museum exhibit “The Golden Crescent” including walking tour.
  5. National Endowment for the Arts grant $10,000 for Art of Health event scheduled for May 2021
  6. Installation of new exhibit “the History of Epiphany in Tarpon Springs” at Heritage Museum
  7. Launch of Tarpon Arts Fall Fest
  8. Knowledge and Nibbles lecture series (complied with CDC regulations.
  9. Record Safford House attendance in January 2020 and February 2020
  10. New Instagram platform launched for Tarpon Arts
  11. New photo gallery on Explore website
  12. Designed and printed new city brochure for distribution
  13. Section 504 Self Evaluation for ADA accessibility completed for Performing Arts Center, Cultural Center, Heritage Museum and Safford House Museum
  14. Installation of illuminated art boxes at the Sponge Docks
  15. New rack cards to promote the Safford House completed
  16. Admission to attractions reduced to encourage staycation visitors during pandemic
  17. Public opinion survey completed for Sponge Docks entryway design components



  1. Partnered with Peace4Tarpon to present films and discussions
  2. Continued partnership with Supervisor of Elections to serve as a ballot drop-off location
  3. Continued partnership with Tarpon Springs Art Association on “Young Artists” programs (art education for children)
  4. New partnership with Pinellas County Government to serve as a free facemask distribution site
  5. Held new “Decade Days” program series featuring live musical performances at the Library
  6. Continued sustainability programming and ukulele classes at the Library
  7. Offered new digital version of escape room programs
  8. Provided virtual summer reading programs by special presenters featuring science experiments, music and theater performances, educational animal videos, and a magic show
  9. Added new database of children’s e-books called Tumble Book Library
  10. Increased access to e-resources with more digital downloads available and 24/7 streaming
  11. Provided phone and email assistance to the public during closure and issued digital library cards
  12. Offered curbside service for patrons to pick up books and other materials
  13. Provided craft kits to go for children, teens, and adults
  14. Created video story times, crafts, art lessons, and puppet shows and posted them online
  15. Library programs on genealogy offered digitally by staff and special presenters
  16. Plexiglass shields were built and installed by Public Works to public service desks for improved safety for staff and the public
  17. Reconfigured furniture and relocated materials for better access and social distancing
  18. Removed a shelving unit in adult services and youth services after weeding worn, outdated materials, which resulted in more space for social distancing and improved visibility
  19. Increased safety measures in the Library including daily temperature checks for staff, quarantining returned materials, and cleaning and sanitation of high-touch surfaces


                       FIRE DEPARTMENT

  1. Completed Five-Year ISO inspection. Results Pending.
  2. New Medic unit delivered and available when needed.
  3. New ladder truck delivered and in service
  4. Completed two rounds of Covid-19 antibody testing for all first responders
  5. Covid-19 safety training conducted for City employees
  6. Upgraded five department units to County’s new Sierra Wireless routing system
  7. Ordered 40 sets of new bunker gear for crews (grant not received)
  8. Established firefighter mental health programs and cancer awareness platforms for firefighter safety
  9. Switched to PStraxs inventory and vehicle maintenance tracking system and received funding through Pinellas County
  10. Fire Boat put on a boat lift at City Marina for better response times
  11. Continuation of the “Santa Tours Tarpon” program for outreach to the community
  12. Completed 8640 hours of staff training for department personnel



  1. Applied for US DOJ Bulletproof vest grant
  2. Received JAG Grant through FDLE for COPS program for $4,528
  3. Upgraded patrol vehicle fleet with 4 Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs and 2 Chevrolet 2500 HD pick-up trucks, providing greater space for necessary equipment, towing capabilities for response trailers and availability for High Water response. Purchase of 2 unmarked vehicles for investigations division.
  4. Awarded Grant from Walmart, $ 1,500
  5. Awarded Corona Virus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program grant from FDLE for $112,782.
  6. Cops & Kids
    1. Feeding Tampa Bay and Break Spot Lunch program from April to August delivered and provided a total of 7,210 breakfasts and lunches for kids.
    2. Cops & Kids Christmas providing gifts for children in need.
    3. Partnered with The Chapel and provided Thanksgiving Turkeys
    4. Partnered with The Chapel and Optometrist to provide free prescriptions and eyeglasses



  1. Conducted swift mobilization to prepare for tropical storm ETA
  2. Coordinated damage assessment with all city departments to ascertain any damage from ETA and provide information to Pinellas County for possible disaster relief
  3. Fire Department acted as the main point of contact for city-wide Covid-19 safety procedures and protocols.




  1. Created Interactive Online Zoning Map (Went Live in November 2020)
  2. Grant Applications
    a. Department of State Grant for Update of Historic District Design Guidelines – Draft Guidelines Completed (Pending Adoption)
    b. Forward Pinellas Complete Streets Program for Disston Avenue Corridor Study (Award Decision Pending)
    c. Department of State Tarpon Springs Adaptation and Resiliency Plan for the Historic District and Greektown (funding amount TBD)
  3. RFP for online community engagement platform (implementation underway) in support of City Projects & Programs
  4. Streamlined Staff Reports and Implemented Board Presentations (in progress)
  5. Annexations
    a. 15.3 acres – Eagle Creek Estates
    b. 36.1 acres – River Bend Village
    c. .42 acres Ramey Property
    d. .58 acres RO Facility Property
  6. Archived Past Year’s Files for Safe Storage with the City Clerk
  7. Major Plan Reviews:
    a. Meres Blvd Medical and General Office Building
    b. Pinellas County Community Health Dental Office
    c. Southern Road and Bridge RV and Boat Storage Facility
    d. 914 S Pinellas Ave – Pinch A Penny
    e. Anclote Harbor
    f. Keystone Village (McAlpin Property)
    g. Eagle Creek Estates (David Weekly Homes)
    h. River Bend Village
  8. Minor Site Plan Reviews
    a. Hill Street Parking
    b. Meres Blvd Medical and General Office Building
  9. Major Ordinance Amendments
    a. Creation of LDC Section 56.05 – Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicles, Temporary
    b. Creation of 56.06 – Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicles; As Accessory to Food and Drink Establishments
    c. Drafted New LDC Section 127.06 – Design of Traffic Control Signs and Light Posts in Parking Lots and Subdivisions
    d. Drafted Amendment to Sign Guidelines – Pending Adoption
    e. Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Siting
  10. Comprehensive Plan Amendments
    a. Industrial Limited Text Amendment
  11. Land Use and/or Rezoning Map Amendments – coordinated with IT Department
    a. 1656 SeaBreeze Drive
    b. 1606 and 1628 Dixie Highway
    c. City Hall
    d. Anclote Isle Subdivision
    e. 685 and 687 Klosterman Rd (Eagle Creek Estates)
    f. River Bend Village
    g. RO Facility Property
  12. Board of Adjustment Cases Reviewed – 19
  13. Heritage Preservation Board Cases Reviewed – 27
  14. Technical Review Committee Applications Reviewed – 102
  15. Backyard Chicken Permits Issued – 7
  16. Building Permits Reviewed – 988
  17. Conditional Uses Reviewed – 6


  1. Continued use of drone for inspection services. The use of drone technology continues to provide a means to conduct inspections for unsafe buildings.
  2. The Internship Program for Mechanical Inspectors and Mechanical Plans Examiners was approved by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Currently the Building Department has one inspector in the program and two ready to enter the program in 2021.
  3. A Plumbing Inspector and Plans Examiner Internship Program has been developed and submitted to the state for approval.
  4. Continue to serve as a testing center for proctored exams
  5. Video inspection is now available and was used extensively during the initial pandemic shutdown.  Tarpon Springs was one of the few jurisdictions performing inspections during COVID-19.  BCGES (Building Code Grading Effectiveness Scale) 5-year cycle visit:  results received in 2020.  Improved rating, received Class 2 for Commercial and Class 3 for Residential. This will provide discounts on homeowners insurance for the Citizens of Tarpon Springs.
  6. Tree City USA awarded for 13th year in February 2020
  7. Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus K-12- Tarpon Middle School planted a tree in April 2020 with a ceremony culminating a year worth of work in their urban forest.
  8. Tree Planting- FY 2020 City of Tarpon Springs gave 600 trees to residents during city sponsored events to plant on their property; and, approximately 250 trees were planted on city owned property such as parks, right-of-ways, city buildings, and the cemetery.
  9. Continued participation in Gift Tree Program
  10. Applications located in SFHA now get a FEMA review for compliance.
  11. Completed CRS annual recertification and maintained our current classification of 6 awarding our citizens a 20% discount on flood insurance in the special flood hazard area (SFHA) and a 10% discount in the non-SFHA.
  12. LMS (Local Mitigation Strategy) partner with Pinellas County to complete 5 year LMS update.
  13. Partners with Pinellas County in PPI (Program for Public Information) FEMA planning tool devised to improve communication with citizens. Met 3 times in 2020 and will meet 3 more in 2021. One city staff and one stakeholder participate.
  14. New FIRM (Flood Insurance Rate Map) projected to be released in March 2021. Will go through adoption process and likely completion projected Fall of 2021 which includes numerous outreach workshops, meetings and classes
  15. Hosted the following FEMA classes for FFMA (Florida Floodplain Managers Association)
    a. Fundamentals of Floodplain Management
    b. Certified Floodplain Manager Exam was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions
  16. On the schedule to host the following FEMA classes in the upcoming year for FFMA (Florida Floodplain Managers Association)
    a. Fundamentals of Floodplain Management
    b. Certified Floodplain Manager Exam
    c. L-273 Class
    d. Elevation Certificate Basics
  17. Building Development Department Statistics – Total Number of Permits by Fiscal Year:

FY 2016 = 3755

FY 2017 = 3857

FY 2018 = 4069

FY 2019 = 3740

FY 2020 = 3896

New Residential Homes in FY 2020 = 128



  1. Highest and Best Use analysis of West Tarpon Avenue area grant project completed and final report presented
  2. BOC approved new Ad Valorem Tax Exemption program for new and existing businesses
  3. 11 CRA Incentive Grants approved (8 façade, 1 restaurant and 2 building code)
  4. Groundbreakings held for three major projects: Icaria on Pinellas, Eagle Ridge Housing Authority project, and Tarpon Springs Community Dental Center
  5. 28 new businesses opened.
  6. Negotiated sale of Hoffman property; BOC approved agreement; approved by voter referendum; closed on property Nov. 30, 2020
  7. CRA approved new Building Code Assistance Grant and amended grant to increase funding
  8. Created survey on grants/resources for CRA businesses
  9. CRA Annual Report completed and submitted to County
  10. CRA awarded RFP for 144 E. Tarpon Ave. Negotiations ongoing with developer.
  11. CRA approved final design and bid on Wayfinding signs. Signs are in fabrication for installation in February of 2021.
  12. Building Plaques on 18 historic buildings approved by CRA. 13 Plaques received December 2020 for installation.
  13. Four applications filed for state historic markers (Old City Hall, Old TS High School, Greektown, Safford House.) State historic marker committee meets in December
  14. Tarpon Springs Historic District state marker ready for installation.
  15. Developing a local historic marker program with the Tarpon Springs Historical Society for implementation in 2021.



  1. Small Business Endurance Grants created by the BOC in April. Distributed $1,000 grants to 155 small businesses within one month.
  2. Implemented a Business Recovery Plan for outdoor dining, closure of certain streets, and outdoor display of merchandise. Major elements of the plan are continuing into January 2021.
  3. Conducted online survey to assess business needs from impacts of COVID-19.
  4. Distributed ongoing Business Update emails beginning in March with information on COVID resources and local business activities.
  5. Created and distributed Rediscover Tarpon Springs posters to businesses
  6. Created “Restaurants to Go” Facebook page and compiled a listing of restaurants with contact information
  7. Created “Tarpon Springs Business Happenings” Facebook page
  8. Created and implemented a 12-week Recovery Marketing Campaign, “Rediscover Tarpon Springs”  including television, digital online ads and social media
  9. Created a Facebook profile frame: Rediscover Tarpon Springs
  10. Renewed I-4 and I-75 billboard advertising extending through June 2021
  11. Placed new ad for 2021 Gulf to Bay tourism destination magazine of the SPCVB.
  12. Placed panel ad in Suncoast Tourism’s Attractions map
  13. Continued utility bill newsletter program to highlight projects, events and public service topics
  14. Continued use of social media platforms to maintain an open line of communications with the public on a wide range of topics and as a tool for emergency information
  15. Monitored and responded to approximately 200 emails to the City Help email line to answer questions from the public on a wide range of topics in a timely manner.
  16. Provided High School Senior a 1 year internship (June 2019-August 2020)
  17. Supported Tarpon Springs High School Class of 2020 with billboard on US 19, vinyl banners and participation of officials in faculty parade. Coordinated efforts with the Merchants’ Association to print yard signs for display at businesses.



  1. Conducting a baseline survey of government energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Sustainability Committee began a community engagement process in October 2020 to receive input from the community regarding sustainability priorities