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The Board of Commissioners typically meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.  Special Sessions and Work Sessions are scheduled as needed.  All meetings are being conducted virtually at this time.  Please see instructions below for participating in or viewing meetings and for submitting public comments in writing.  The agenda for upcoming meetings is posted below on the Friday afternoon prior to the scheduled meeting.  See a list of scheduled meetings below.

Regular Session Agenda
6:30 PM – Virtual Meeting



  1. Attorney’s Fees:
    A. Johnson Jackson PLLC Invoices 6759 6760 and 6761
  2. Special Event – Movies in the Park
  3. Award File No. 210040-C-JL Hydrant and Valve Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  4. Increase File No. 200060-C-AM Trucks, Buses and Vehicle Parts – New and Rebuilt
  5. Ratify Increase to File No. 200017-N-CM Single Source Purchase of Pierce Fire Apparatus OEM Parts and Services
  6. Increase File No. 200062-N-JL Pumps and Repair Parts – Myers
  7. Ratify Change Order No. 1 to Bid No. 190007-B-JJ Cedar Street Brick Pavement Rehabilitation – Arfaras Street to Pinellas Avenue


  1. City of Tarpon Springs – SW Corner L&R Industrial Boulevard at Anclote Boulevard
    A.  Ordinance 2020-32 Application 20-117 Annexation(1st Reading)
    B.  Ordinance 2020-30 Application 20-118 Future Land Use Map (1st Reading)
    C.  Ordinance 2020-31 Application 20-118 Rezoning (1st Reading) (See back-up for 8b above)
  2. City of Tarpon Springs – 324 E. Pine Street 
    A.  Ordinance 2020-28 Future Land Use Map (1st Reading)
    B.  Ordinance 2020-29 Rezoning (1st Reading)
  3. Resolution 2020-66 Application 20-104 Eagle Creek Estates Final Planned Development; 685 and 687 East Klosterman Road
  4. River Bend Village – Roadways and Utilities
    A.  Resolution 2020-67 Pioneer Developers
    B.  Ordinance 2020-33 Application 20-129 Vacate W 30 Ft. Easement of L& R
  5. Resolution 2020-68 Ratifying Executive Orders


  1. Internal Auditor Application Evaluation Matrix (Commissioner Vatikiotis)
  2. Appointment to Planning and Zoning Board
  3. Appointment to Board of Adjustment
  4. Appointment to Code Enforcement Board
  5. Appointment to Housing Authority Board


Work Session Agenda
6:30 P.M. Virtual Meeting


  1. Presentation: Process for Planning Priorities (City Staff)
  2. BOC Discussion Planning / Priorities


Virtual Meeting Instructions

Please note that there has been a change of meeting location from in-person at the City Hall Auditorium to a meeting by means of communications media technology pursuant to Executive Order Number 20-69, issued by the Governor of the State of Florida on March 20, 2020, and section 120.54, Florida Statutes. Tarpon Springs City Hall Auditorium is closed to the public in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This meeting will be conducted using communications media technology. Please see the attached instructions for viewing and/or providing public comment.

In an effort to maintain compliance with CDC and Pinellas County guidelines for social distancing and general public safety, the City has set up Zoom virtual meetings to facilitate the broadcasting of the Commission Meetings and provide for public comments. As an alternative, we encourage citizens to submit their comments via e-mail to be read into the record. The email must include your name, address and the agenda item your comments are referencing. For the public unable to attend the meeting virtually, comments may be emailed to or mailed to the attention of the City Clerk. Comments must be received no later than one hour prior to the meeting to be guaranteed to be read into the record. Any member of the public without computer or telephone resources that wishes to attend should contact the City Clerk at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting in order for the City to make accommodations or coordinate access to the meeting.

Options for Interactive / Viewing / Listening – Board of Commissioners 

To Join Via Zoom from PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android:
2) Click on the meeting that you wish to join
3) Download Zoom via the screen prompts
4) To raise your hand, click the button

View Only Options:
View on local cable TV (Spectrum Channel 641; WOW Channel 15; or Frontier Channel 21)
Watch on the Tarpon Springs YouTube Channel

To Join by Phone (audio only):
1) Dial +1 (312) 626-6799 or +1 (646) 558-8656
2) Enter the Webinar ID 945 6601 7447 (October 27 2020 Regular Session)
    Enter the Webinar ID (Pending) (October 29, 2020 Work Session)
    Enter the Webinar ID 940 1636 7781 (November 9 2020 Special Session – Sponge Docks Town Hall Meeting)

Note! The webinar ID will change for each meeting
3) To raise your hand, enter *9

2020 Meeting Dates

January 14, 2020 – Regular Session
January 28, 2020 – Regular Session
February 11, 2020 – Regular Session
February 25, 2020 – Regular Session
March 10, 2020 – Regular Session
March 24, 2020 – Regular Session
April 14, 2020 – Regular Session
April 28, 2020 – Regular Session
May 12, 2020 – Regular Session
May 26, 2020 – Regular Session
June 9, 2020 – Regular Session
June 23, 2020 – Regular Session
July 14, 2020 –  Regular Session Part 1Regular Session Part 2 and CRA
July 28 2020 Agenda and Back up Items 1-9    July 28 2020 Agenda and Back up Items 10 – 20
August 4 2020 Special Session Agenda Back-up
August 11 2020 Regular Session – Back-Up    August 11 2020 CRA – Back-Up
August 18 2020 Special Session With Back-Up
August 25 2020 Regular Session Agenda and Back-Up
September 8 2020 RS Agenda and Back-up
September 22 2020 RS with Back-Up
October 6 2020 Special Session with Back-up and October 6 2020 CRA with Back-up
October 12, 2020 – Special Session:  PBA /Impasse Resolution
October 13 2020 RS with Back-Up
October 27 2020 RS With Back-Up
October 29 2020 WS with Back-Up
November 9, 2020 – Town Hall – Sponge Docks
November 10, 2020 – Regular Session
November 17, 2020 – Regular Session
December 8 2020 – Regular Session
December 15, 2020 – Regular Session

2021 Meeting Dates

January 12, 2021 Regular Session
January 26, 2021 Regular Session
February 9, 2021 Regular Session
February 23, 2021 Regular Session
March 9, 2021 Regular Session
March 23, 2021 Regular Session
April 13, 2021 Regular Session
April 27, 2021 Regular Session
May 11, 2021 Regular Session
May 25, 2021 Regular Session
June 8, 2021 Regular Session
June 22, 2021 Regular Session
July 13,  2021 Regular Session
July 27, 2021 Regular Session
August 10, 2021 Regular Session
August 24, 2021 Regular Session
September 14, 2021 Regular Session
September 28, 2021 Regular Session
October 12, 2021 Regular Session
October 26, 2021 Regular Session

Rules and Procedures for Commission Meetings

Work Sessions:
Work sessions are intended to provide opportunities for Commissioners to study issues, gather and analyze information and clarify questions. No votes are conducted during work sessions. These sessions are open to the public but are not the appropriate forum for public comment.

Public Comment:
No speaker shall have the right to address the Board of Commissioners for more than four (4) minutes on any particular item. Members of the public present at the meeting may donate their time to a speaker to extend the speaker’s time but such donation shall forfeit the donor’s right to speak. The speaker shall identify the persons who have donated their speaking time. Each donation shall extend the speaker’s time an additional two (2) minutes. In no event shall the speaker’s time be extended beyond ten (10) minutes of total speaking time. Any deviation from this rule must be approved by the consensus of a majority of the Board, but no vote need to be taken to waive this requirement. Each person addressing the City Commission as a body, and not to any member thereof. All speakers, including City Commissioners, shall be recognized by the Mayor. No person, other than members of the City Commission and the person having the floor shall be permitted to enter into any discussion, either directly or through members of the City Commission, No questions shall be asked to individual Commission members, except through the Mayor. Any person making a personal, impertinent or slanderous remarks, or who shall become boisterous while addressing the City Commission may be requested to leave the meeting and may forthwith be barred from further audience at the meeting.

Preservation of Order:
The Mayor shall preserve order and decorum, and shall prevent attacks on personalities of impugning of motives of particular members, and shall prevent digression from the question under discussion. The Mayor shall ensure that no boisterous conduct, such as cheering, clapping, or the like shall be permitted during debate. The Chief of Police or his or her designate shall be the sergeant-at-arms of the City Commission.

Appeals and Record of Proceedings:
If any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Board of Commissioners with respect to any matter considered at this meeting, he/she will need a record of the proceedings, and that for such purpose, he or she may need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. The City of Tarpon Springs does not furnish verbatim transcripts. Interested parties should make necessary arrangements for the verbatim transcript in advance.

Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities:
Any person with a disability requiring reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this meeting should call (727) 938-3711 or fax a written request to (727) 937-8199.