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Special Events Application


Planning and Zoning:

Strategic Plan Community Report
Land Development Guide – Link to Code of Ordinances
Summary Zoning Districts
Site Plan – Subdivision Approval Process
Zoning Maps
Sponge Docks and CRA Special Area Plan as Amended Ordinance 2021-09
SmartCode Adopted December 2022
Short Term Rental Information Map

Comprehensive Plan Elements:
Capital Improvements Element
Coastal Zone Element
Future Land Use Element
Historic Land Use Element
Housing Element
Intergovernmental Coordination Element
Public Schools Facility Element
Recreation and Open Space Element
Transportation Element
Utilities Element
Property Rights Element

Permit Applications: All Permit Applications below should be submitted electronically. Please download the application, complete it, then go to the Planning and Zoning Department Page for further instructions or to the Electronic Plan Review Portal.  

Certificate of Concurrency
Backyard Chickens
Conceptual Planned Development
Conditional Use
Conditional Use-Alcoholic Beverages
Development Proposal Agreement
Discussion-Meeting Request
Dog-Friendly Dining Permit
Final Planned Development
Final Plat
License to Encroach-Restrictive Covenants
Minor Subdivision
Planned Development Amendment
Preliminary Planned Development
Rezoning Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Sidewalk Cafe
Site Plan-Subdivision Plan
Site Construction Permit Submittal Instructions
Site Construction Permit Submittal Instructions PD
Temporary Use
Vacation or Abandonment (Streets, Right of Way, Etc.)
Variance Request (Board of Adjustments)
Variance Request – Nonconforming Lot


Business Incentives
Targeted Industry:
Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Program
Qualified Defense and Space Contractor Tax Refund
Capital Investment Tax Credit
High Impact Performance Incentive Grant
Pinellas County Small Business Enterprise Program
Pinellas County Job Creation Incentive Program
Quick Response & Incumbent Worker Training Programs
Economic Development Transportation Fund
Special Opportunity:
Jobs for the Unemployed Tax Credit
Manufacturing and Spaceport Investment
Sales Tax Exemptions:
Aviation Industry
Electricity and Steam
Machinery and Equipment
Semiconductor Defense and Space Technology
Entertainment Industry
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption:
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Information Sheet
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Application
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Agreement
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Annual Report
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Form DR-418

Grant Programs:
Greektown Facade Improvement FAQ and Grant Application and W9 Tax Form
Greektown Map
Photo – Mural Grant Guidelines and Grant Application
CRA – Special Area Plan Map

Opportunity Zone
Opportunity Zone Map
Opportunity Zone Data Overview
Opportunity Zone Fact Sheet
Economic Impact Study November 2016
Florida Dept. Economic Opportunity – Opportunity Zones
CRE Models Interactive Opportunity Zone Map

Business Sustainability
Green Tech and Sustainable Industries

Community Redevelopment Area:
CRA Annual Report 2022
CRA Annual Report 2021
CRA Annual Report 2020
CRA Annual Report 2020 Presentation
Community Redevelopment Area Map
Downtown Development Action Plan
CRA Finding of Necessity
CRA Master Plan
Sponge Docks and CRA Special Area Plan as Amended Ordinance 2021-09
SmartCode Adopted December 2022

CRA Incentive Programs:
CRA Facade Improvement Grants and W9 Tax Form
CRA Restaurant Grants and W9 Tax Form
Building Code Assistance Grant and W9 Tax Form
Photo – Mural Grant Guidelines and Grant Application and W9 Tax Form
CRA – Special Area Plan Map

CRA Financial Statements
CRA Audited Financial Statements FY 2021
CRA Audited Financial Statement FY 2020