Advisory Committee

Sustainability Advisory Committee

Committee Members:
Denise Mannino, Chair
Dory Larsen, Vice Chair
Taylor Mandalou
Karen Gallagher
Dr. Carol Mickett
Robin Saenger
Jennifer Bracey




Enabling Legislation for the Sustainability Advisory Committee: Resolution 2019-15 Sustainability Advisory Committee

Rules of Procedure for the Sustainability Advisory Committee: Sustainability Committee Resolution 2022- 01

Overview of the Sustainability Advisory Committee:
The Sustainability Advisory Committee serves at the direction of the Board of Commissioners to review and make recommendations regarding City sustainability and resiliency. The Committee typically meets on the third Thursday of the Month – Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Sustainability Subject areas include:
a)Increasing energy efficiency, conserving water, reducing waste, protecting sensitive natural areas, reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, utilizing environmentally responsible practices, products and technologies, potential for new green businesses and jobs.
b)Participating in the development of a city-wide sustainability action plan as prepared by and implemented by the City Manager and staff.
c)Reviewing and providing input on information for sustainable practices to be distributed to the public and businesses by the City.
d)Compiling and updating City sustainability activities to date so as to maintain a current status of City progress in this area.
e)perform such other duties and assignments as requested by the Board of Commissioners, or the City Manager.


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Annual Updates to the Board of Commissioners:
Sustainability Report to the Board of Commissioners 6-23-2020
Sustainability Report to the Board of Commissioners 5-25-2021
Sustainability Report to the Board of Commissioners 1-11-2022
Sustainability Report to the Board of Commissioners 3-14-2023
City of Tarpon Springs Sustainability Initiatives and Practices
Sustainability Plan Presentation to City Commission:  June  27, 2023

Sustainability Updates:
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