Lemon-Shaddock Street Stormwater Improvements

Project Summary:

The project consists of removal and reconstruction of approximately 1,300 feet of roadway surface of Lemon Street between Bath Street and S. Spring Blvd. and Shaddock Street between S. Spring Blvd and Lemon Street (as shown below). The proposed activities include replacement of all roadway surfaces with brick, enhanced and additional stormwater drainage infrastructure. Once a contract is executed and a Notice to Proceed (NTP) has been issued to the contractor, the project schedule will require Substantial Competition within 270 calendar days from NTP and Final Completion within 300 calendar days from NTP.

Plans of Lemon Street and Shaddock Street Roadway Improvements

Map of Lemmon-Shaddock Street Project


Funding is provided through several accounts in Project Number TR2304 as listed below.  The largest portion of the funding is provided through Penny funds.  A portion is proposed to be funded by ARPA funds (to be discussed as a separate BOC Agenda item prior to this item).


301-8402-541.6300         $    150,000.00  (8.9%)             Capital Improvement Fund

307-8603-541.6300         $ 1,045,552.00  (61.8%)            Local Option Sales Tax (Penny) Fund

402-4602-536.6300         $        8,490.00  (0.5%)             Water Distribution Fund

APRA (Proposed)        $    487,691.41  (28.8%)            ARPA Grant Allocation, PROPOSED

Total                             $ 1,691,733.41