Draft Agenda Items

Draft Back Up for Future BOC Agendas

Items for October 11 Regular Session



Approve Holiday Meeting Schedule for November and December 2022 (10/5)

Authorize Execution of Interlocal Agreement Providing for Control of Illicit Discharges Within Pinellas County (10/5)

Award File No. 230005-N-AS Single Source Purchase of Trimble Forensics X7 Laser Scanner and Related Accessories (10/5)

Award File No. 230011-N-AS Single Source Purchase of Peerless Vertical Turbine Pump (10/5)

Award File No. 230016-N-AS Single Source Purchase of Motorola Radio Equipment, Maintenance and Support Services (10/5)

Ratify Increase to File No. 200153-C-JL Library Materials, utilizing State of Florida Alternate Contract Source No. 55000000-20-NY-ACS Books, Non-print Library Materials and Related Ancillary Services (10/5)

Trask Daigneault, LLP Invoice October 1, 2022 (10/5)

Authorize Execution of Union Academy National Trust Grant Agreement(10/5)


Special Consent:

Approve Direction for a Temporary Contract Agreement and Approve Release of Request for Proposals for City Attorney Services (9.22.22)

Anclote Harbor Emails (Postponed from 9/27)

Authorization to Seek Special Counsel Concerning Past Administrative Procedural Matters (Postponed from 9/27) (updated 10/6)

City Manager Transition Update and Appointment of Commission Liaison (10/5)


Ordinances and Resolutions:

2nd Readings Deferred to the October 11 Regular Session:

Application 21-170 Car Wash (8/9)

Application 22-68 Billboard (8/9)


Items for October 25, 2022 Regular Session


Special Consent:

Approve Stormwater Revenue Sufficiency Study (9/21/22)

Approve Stormwater Action Plan Update (9.16.22)

Project Update and Direction (9.20.22)

Ordinances and Resolutions:

Resolution 2022-38 Project Administration Department Reorganization (9.16.22)


Planning and Zoning Board Packages that will appear on future BOC Agendas:

Application 22-92 Time Warp Garage Conditional Use – (9.8.22)  (updated 9.13.22) (Tentatively scheduled for October 25, 2022)