Draft Agenda Items

Draft Back Up for Future BOC Agendas

Rescheduled for August 11:
Appointment to the Planning and Zoning Board – Revised 8-5-2020
Appointment to the Board of Adjustments
Appointment to the Code Enforcement Board
Appointment to the Parks and Recreation Board

Posted August 5, 2020:
Award RFP No. 200095-P-AM Audit Services – External
Business Recovery Extension – Revised 8-6-2020 – Revised 8-7-2020
Ordinance 2020-08 Annexation of Property Located at 685 and 687 E Klosterman Road
Award Bid No. 200138-B-AM Community Center Roof Replacement

Posted August 6, 2020:
Amendment 1 to the Emergency Medical Services ALS First Responder Agreement
Appointment to the Library Board
Employee Benefits RFP Presentation
Award RFP No. 190130-P-JL Medical, Dental, Life Insurance and Ancillary Health Benefits Agreements
Authorize City Manager to Execute FlaWarn Utility Emergency Response Network Mutual Aid Agreement
CRA Post Clock Placement and Appearance Options
Rescind Award Bic No 200120-B-JL Wayfinding Signage Fabrication and Installation
Award File No. 200157-C-AM Trane Tracer SC Building Management System Utilizing U.S. Communities Purchasing Alliance
Award File No. 200153-C-JL Library Materials Through State of Florida Alternate Contract Source
Authorize Subscription to Duke Energy Clean Energy Connection Solar Program
Ordinance 2020-23 Revisions to Chapter 20 Code of Ordinances – Management of Commercial Wastewater from Dental Practices
Resolution 2020-46 Ratification of Executive Order
Approve Change Order No. 1 to Bid No. 20071-B-JJ West Court Street Improvements

For August 25, 2020 Agenda:
Posted August 7, 2020
Authorize City Manager to Execute Annual DEA Task Force Agreement