Anclote Harbor

Anclote Harbor
Ordinance 2020-34 Preliminary Planned Development and Rezoning (2nd Reading)
Staff Report Addendum 12-15-20
Anclote Harbor – Applicant’s Suggested Conditions 12-15-20

Additional Documentation – Anclote Harbor
TRC Review Comment Sheets (includes the Preliminary Planned Development, Rezoning and Conditional Use)
American Consulting Redlines 09-14-20
American Consulting Redlines10-5-20
Review of 8-14-20 First Submittal of Traffic Impact Analysis 9-14-2020
Review of 9-17-20 Second Submittal of Traffic Impact Analysis 10-5-2020
Review of Third Traffic Impact Analysis 11-5-2020
Anclote Harbor Gap Study 12-29-20
Review of Gap Study 1-5-21
Anclote Harbor Applicant’s Response 1-5-21
Anclote Harbor Applicant’s Response 1-6-2021
Anclote Harbor Suggested Conditions Revised 1-7-21
Applicant PowerPoint 1-7-21
Anclote Harbor Conditions Revised 1-13-21
Conditions of Approval with Staff Recommended Revisions Jan 15 2021

Anclote Harbors Drone Video US 19 12-14-2020
Video #1 looking north at 100 feet high from 7:18am to 7:28am
Video #2 looking south at 170 feet high from 7:29 am to 7:37am
Video #3 looking north at 170 feet high from 7:42am to 7:52am

Anclote Harbors Drone Video US 19 12-22-2020
Video #1 looking north 7:32 a.m.
Video #2 looking north 5:00 p.m.
Video #3 looking south 5:14 p.m.

Planning and Zoning Package:
PNZ Packet 11-16-2020 Anclote Harbor

July 15, 2021 Special Session Documents:

  1. Decision on Hays Road Construction Alternatives for Secondary Access to the Anclote Harbor Apartment Project
    Planning Transmittal Memo
    Preliminary Engineering Report – Hays Road Roadway Improvements
    Executed Ordinance 2020-34
    FDOT Preliminary Approval for 2nd Access 

    Anclote Harbor- Access and Intent to File New Application with exhibits
    Hays Road Cardno Presentation 07-14-2021 Revised
    Hays Road Construction Alts PER Review Pinellas County
    Anclote Harbor Entrance Exhibit 7-21